Total Quality Management Policy

Jiangsu Andeli is a total quality-orientated organization. The needs of the client are of the highest importance.
Quality is giving the customer what they want, at the right time, at the right place, every time.
Jiangsu Andeli has adopted the following principles of Total Quality Management to ensure continuous improvement.
•We focus on customers
•We achieve more as a team
•Quality is a journey not a destination C We can always improve
•We look for causes not culprits
•Systems are put in place to achieve permanent solutions

To ensure the quality of the organization is upheld, Jiangsu Andeli has adopted several quality tools, including:
•Self Managing Teams, teams which are responsible for their own quality of service.
•HS&E Manual: this document provides a guideline for the operations of the business, and states practices which are to be adhered to.
•Regular Team/Staff meetings, to report on Company direction.
•Regular Quality Audits on each HS&E program.
•Regular staff morale surveys.

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