Health, Safety, Environmental and Security

Product Safety
Our customers put our products into their final products, which make their way onto store shelves, into industrial equipment and in vehicles for transportation. We test our products for safety. Likewise, government regulations and our customers require that our products be checked to ensure they are in compliance with global chemical-control laws. We have a product compliance management system, "vision," in place to implement best practices. This gives us the ability to enhance our global regulatory compliance and hazard communication services for our customers, employees and communities where we do business. 
REACH European Compliance Regulation
The Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is Europe's newest compliance regulation. It requires manufacturers and importers to generate data for at least 30,000 substances in European commerce. To support REACH, we completed the pre-registration phase of all eligible substances and assembled a cross-functional REACH Governance Council to manage all aspects of this far-reaching legislation. Currently we are:

•Communicating with customers and suppliers in Jiangsu Andeli's supply chain to ensure that all needed end uses are captured for registration purposes

•Compiling hazard data and exposure information in order to complete registration dossiers for those substances

•Developing an IT system to act as a single location for storing all information related to REACH compliance, and to ensure that all supply chain-related functions within Jiangsu Andeli factor REACH requirements into their daily decision making

•Preparing to initiate activity on those substances to meet a June 2018 registration date

Employee Health and Safety
 Jiangsu Andeli's Standards of Care -- the best policies, procedures and practices that we uphold at our worldwide operations - define Jiangsu Andeli's requirements for safety procedures and guidelines. Beyond those are Jiangsu Andeli's Elements of Excellence, which are superior practices in safety, health, the environment and security. The goals for these Elements of Excellence:
•Reduce risk, resulting in fewer injuries
•Minimize harm to the environment
•Eliminate incidents that would generate negative community impact 
•Increase operational integrity 
•Improve profitability

At Jiangsu Andeli, security extends far beyond closed gates, locked doors and security badges. You'll find our approach to be not only comprehensive, but proactive. We are proud of the commitments made and efforts taken to keep Jiangsu Andeli safe and secure. Highlights include:
•A comprehensive solution that comprises our operating sites, personnel, property, accounts, technologies, proprietary data, transportation, travelers and cyber security
Affiliation with organizations such as ASIS International (an international security organization) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC)
•Compliance with U.S.-based legislative requirements
•Global security initiative that exceeds ACC requirements
•Close working relationships with law enforcement agencies in many communities

Jiangsu Andeli realizes the importance of maintaining cleaner, healthier environments for future generations. The solution includes preventing pollution using the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. By not producing waste in the first place, Jiangsu Andeli saves money. Plus, waste that's never generated doesn't require treated or disposal. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations is considered the minimum for any Jiangsu Andeli facility. Even better:
•Environmental programs and policies that fulfill the requirements for verification of our Responsible Care Management System
•Membership in the American Chemistry Council

Process Safety
Process safety involves preventing catastrophic releases of hazardous materials that could result in serious employee injury or fatality. Jiangsu Andeli works hard to prevent process safety incidents at every facility by:
•Conducting audits and sharing results with all global facilities
•Ensuring that employees are properly trained (example: process hazard recognition skills)
•Working with our operating sites on process hazard analysis
•Reviewing and assessing areas of concern to mitigate risk

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