Divinylbenzene (DVB)

Divinylbenzene (DVB) is a clear yellow liquid with an aromatic odor. DVB is used as a cross-linking agent, meaning it is used to join together individual chains within a polymer. DVB is a mixture of isomers of divinylbenzene and ethylvinylbenzene (EVB, CAS No. 28106-30-1). Jiangsu Andeli manufactures DVB products contain 52-83% of the active cross-linker, respectively.

Product Uses
DVB is a chemical intermediate used to modify the properties of a wide variety of materials. The primary use for DVB is in the production of cross-linked polystyrene resin beads. These styrene DVB copolymer beads are chemically modified to produce ion exchange resins.
Typical applications for DVB:
Adhesives 每 improves high-temperature strength of adhesives used to bond aluminum to aluminum, added to caulks and mastics for the

                        construction industry
Biological 每 improves physical properties of cell culture micro-carrier beads, incorporated into a hydrogel for slow nutrient release fertilizer
Catalysis 每 used in hydrophobic foam catalyst, serves as a catalyst for hydrolyzing nitriles to amides
Ceramics 每 improves physical and mechanical properties of fired clay bodies
Chromatography 每 used in resins for reversed-phase liquid chromatography and ion exchange chromatography packings
Coatings 每 improves surface properties of rubber goods for biomedical applications, used in photocurable protective coatings for wood, metal,

                        glass, and plastic
Combinatorial chemistry 每 used to create functionalized copolymers that are useful drug screening tools
Composite plastics 每 allows higher production rates, enhanced physical properties, exceptional smoothness
Elastomers 每 increases skid-resistance of some rubber compounds, improves adhesion of rubber to steel
Electrochemical 每 increases electron sensitivity in electron-beam lithography, improves storage stability of alkaline batteries, improves properties of

                                 electrostatic image toners
Ion Exchange 每 used in the production of resin beads that reduce bead swelling, increase bead strength, improve water retention and capacity
Membranes 每 used in polymers for electrolysis-diaphragm and piezodialytic-transport membranes
Optical 每 used in polymers for ophthalmic and photochromic lenses
Pharmaceutical 每 used in polymers for enzyme and coenzyme mobilization, dental cement,and prosthesis materials
Polymer synthesis 每 used in polymers for waterproof fabric manufacture, enhanced radiation grafting of polymers, living polymer-polyvinyl

                                     aromatic compound coupler
Plastics 每 used extensively as a cross-linker and to aid in copolymerization
Reprography 每 used to make copy machine toner resins
Rubber 每 used as a processing aid in the extrusion of general-purpose synthetic rubbers
Star polymers 每 used in polymers used as motor-oil viscosity modifiers

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