Copolymer Beads

Copolymer Beads formula is designed to give the most efficient mechanical lubrication for directional drillings, horizontal drillings or coil tubing.

• Reduces torque and drag
•Reduces casing wear
•Is non-abrasive
•Is thermally stable up to 500F
• Is compatible with both oil and water base mud
• Is environmentally safe
•Resistance to deformation is greater than 26,000 psi hydrostatic,
  thermally stable down hole to 500F in a drilling environment

Physical Properties
• Form: Spherical Solid Bead
• Color: Clear
•Specific gravity: 1.06

•Concentrations of 2 C 8 ppb (5.71 C 22.87 Kg/m3) will be sufficient to
  control torque and drag
•Concentrations of 8 C12 ppb (22.87 C 34.31 Kg/m3) will be sufficient
  for spotting in wire-line operations and running casing
•Copolymer Beads (coarse and fine) should
  mix through the mud-mixing hopper

•Copolymer Beads is available in 50 lbs
  (22.6 Kg) sacks, 48 or 54 sacks per pallet

Typical Uses for COPOLYMER BEADS
•Spot in hole prior to running casing or liners
• Spot in hole prior to logging operations
•Allows more true weight to bit
•Spot in key seats to reduce torque, drag, and sticking problems
•Apply COPOLYMER BEADS fine beads for
  torque and drag in coil tubing operations or with work strings
•Lubricant for OBM or SBM
•Aids in prevention of differential sticking when using OBM or SBM
• Aids in directional changes or sliding

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