About Jiangsu Andeli
Jiangsu Andeli is a leading and largest manufacturer of copolymer beads for drilling industry and Divinylbenzene (DVB) for resin industry since 2002. Copolymer beads and DVB are developed, manufactured, packaged and dispatched at our manufacturing facility in Yanling,Danyang,Jiangsu of China. Jiangsu Andeli¡¯s plant covers the area of 35 acres and 120 employees work at the plant.
Jiangsu Andeli provides copolymer beads for many drilling fluids or coil tubing fluids problems with a focus on enhancing operational economics for our customers.
Jiangsu Andeli is particularly well known for Copolymer beads and DVB of high quality, specialty copolymer beads lubricants designed to save operators significant time and expense while drilling in all types of challenging downhole environments. Copolymer beads have a long history of solving problems associated with torque and drag, stuck pipe, lubricity especially when drilling extended reach and horizontal wells around the world.
If you need help selecting Copolymer beads and DVB of the Jiangsu Andeli or services, e-mail us. Our technical team will be happy to help you.
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